Petal table

Cast resin dining table

Resin on a patinated brass or black base.

Tallis Table Duck Egg Blue

The inspiration for Tallis coffee table came from looking at the stained glass. We wanted the piece to emulate this feeling being at the same time unobtrusive.
The Tallis tables are hand cast in a selection of clear and tinted resins in shades of Aquamarine, Citrus, Gold Quartz, Rose Quartz, Siberian Green and Midnight blue (for square version only).
Their colour & reflective qualities are intensified by their faceted shape.
Cast resin, octagonal table with faceted underside, on a powder coated black or brass frame.
Select stock available for immediate shipping.
Please see Studio Stock for more information.

Aurora Cocktail Table

McCollin Bryan designs and manufactures a distinctive portfolio of finely crafted collectible furniture and objects.
Their Aurora side table is a coloured resin oval set into a solid brass frame. This jewellery-inspired object resembles a giant accessory, as if a goldsmith had set a precious gemstone in its setting. Much like with the cocktail rings, which can be worn on both hands and on several fingers at once, you don’t have to restrict yourself to one cocktail table; they look great in a flamboyant group.
Choose between Brass or Black Base.
Colour options: Amber, Clear, Turquoise, Bubblegum Pink, Citrine, Bottle Green.
We value time, exceptionality and perfection, which is why, in keeping with the principles of slow design, we usually manufacture to order (this reduces waste and overproduction as well). Sometimes, occasionally, a small number of limited and experimental items become available for for immediate shipping.
Please see Studio Stock for more details.

Aurora Wall Composition

First developed for an exhibition in Place Vendome, the luxury jewellery quarter of Paris, the flat Aurora panel now fits along the restaurant wall in the Rossana Orlandi’s chic restaurant BistRo di Aimo e Nadia. The piece works with subtle fluidity of colours that refract and change tones as the viewer walks around.
Oval resin discs mounted in solid, asymmetric structure.
Black or brass frame available.
Bespoke arrangement and colours available on request.
Select stock available for immediate shipping. Please see Studio Stock for more information

cast resin imprint of a cushion set into a metal frame/base with gilded detail

Barbarella Bench

A cast of an old cushion transformed into a luxurious shiny bench that can also be used as stool or as a coffee table.
Metallic interior surface, acid lemon or bronze.
Gilt, resin, wood, onto black base