Reparterre Console Table

Based on the Italian method of making scagliola, McCollin Bryan have produced a collection of sculptural table designs.
The piece complements the irregular design structure with aesthetically-pleasing tessellation of the repeated triangular shapes.
The surfaces have a natural looking patina and are slightly pitted in places. Every piece is pigmented individually and made by hand to order.
Please note that the pieces are suitable for indoor use only.
Edition of 12.
Scagliola, steel, on patinated copper legs.

Longbeam Console

The Longbeam console table consists of contrasting Scagliola benches on thin Perspex supports. This asymmetric arrangement of weight creates an illusion questioning the perception of balance and structural impact.

Long rectangular console composed of two scagliola beams with clear perspex uprights

Scagliola, acrylic legs

Rectangular console table cast in scagliola, with concealed LED lights onto shining onto lower shelf. On adjustable feet

Divide Table

Rectangular console table cast in one piece, with concealed down lights onto lower shelf

LED lights, scagliola, wood, on adjustable feet