The paisley form, with its origin in the yin and yang symbol, is said to represent the journey of life, full of twists and turns. Our Alex coffee tables are moulded forms in a paisley pattern cast in various types of hard paster with scooped out bowls. We use contrasting polished and matt plasters for tabletops (powder pink and coral red) and legs (zinc grey).
McB 10801 53 x 90 x 35cm H / 21 x 35 x 13.75″ H
Product options: conical legs, bulbous legs

Lead time:

14-16 weeks

Year of design:



powder pink, coral red

Dimensions: Show inches

McB 10801 53 x 90 x 35cm H

McB 10801 21 x 35 x 13.75" H

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