The Coffee Bean is McCollin Bryan’s most renowned piece in scagliola. Since its launch in 2002 it has continued to be one of their bestselling designs worldwide.
Scagliola is a centuries-old technique for creating surfaces that mimic fine marble. It may be visually mistaken for semi-precious stone, but it feels warmer when touched. This versatile piece creates a strong impression with its sculptural geometric shape and contrasting organic surface.
Each piece is finished by hand and pigmented individually resulting in their unique appearance. The coffee table, which can be also used as a seating, is available in 5 sizes, from 80 centimetres in diameter to our absolute maximum of metre and a half.
Black round coffee table.
Plaster, wood.
Onto castors or fixed feet.
Other colour options: Coral, Peat, Cement, Mole, Charcoal.
Scagliola is not suitable for the exterior. Due to its sensitive nature, it’s even not appropriate for wet areas. If you plan to use our Coffee Bean outside, please consider our epoxy resin version suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.
We value time and perfection, so usually manufacture to order (this reduces waste and overproduction as well). Sometimes, occasionally, a small number of limited and experimental items become available for for immediate shipping.
Please see Studio Stock for more options.


£4,536 — £12,000

Lead time:

10-12 weeks

Year of design:




Dimensions: Show inches

McB 10605 / 80 Ø x 35cm H
McB 10608 / 100 Ø x 35cm H
McB 10604 / 110 Ø X 35cm H
McB 10606 / 120 Ø x 35cm H
McB 10607 / 150 Ø x 40cm H

McB 10605 / 31.5 Ø x 13.75 H inches
McB 10608 / 39.5 Ø x 13.75 H inches
McB 10604 / 43.3 Ø x 13.75 H inches
McB 10606 / 47.25 Ø x 13.75 H inches
McB 10607 / 59 Ø x 15.75 H inches


55 - 135 kg

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