Scagliola (pronounced “scal-y-oh-lah”) is a centuries-old technique for creating surfaces that mimic fine marble and other noble materials. This decorative man-made plaster was known since Roman times and became popular in the 18th century. Scagliola may be visually mistaken for semi-precious stone, but it feels warmer when touched. First attracted to it due to its rarity in contemporary design, McCollin Bryan have worked for many years to produce modern, geometric forms in their version of the process in order to contrast tradition with the unconventional. The rich and earthy colours of the Scagliola are achieved using pigments mixed to a highly specific ‘recipe’ that is the result of experimentation.
Cube coffee table is made in special multicoloured ‘Terrain’ scagliola, so called as it reminds us of satellite imagery of the the Earth’s surface.
Limited edition of 20.
It can be used alone or combined with other scagliola pieces providing flexible arrangement possibilities.
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Limited edition:


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44 x 45 x 42 cm H

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