The philosophy of McCollin Bryan is to create functional objects with subtle and intriguing dimensions. Their interest in materials, form and function has led them to finely craft and finish their work. The bold & inventive results are produced in small batches, limited editions & unique pieces. While Don McCollin explores surface textures and patterns, Maureen Bryan designs forms that have sculptural impact.
The Lens Table, a functional item of furniture with the poetry of art, can be compared to the gemstone which have spiritual effects on people.
This is a coffee table with highly polished resin top in Dark Amber, backed with a tinted mirror. Resin, on a brass base.

This item is available for immediate purchase (the studio usually produces all the tables to order and it takes 14-16 weeks to do so).
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Limited edition:

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Dark Amber

Dimensions: Show inches

McB 60103 / 35 Ø x 59cm H (4 legs)

McB 60103 / 13.75 Ø x 23.25 H inches (4 legs)

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