McCollin Bryan began experimenting with clear resin in 1999, inspired by an antique magnifying lens from a telescope, playing with light and reflections, which really set the designers on a path to produce their first prototype of a Lens Table in 2004.
This signature piece of the London-based duo is a functional item of furniture with the poetry of art. It is available in a selection of more than 12 sumptuous colours, three options for the base finish and 5 tabletop sizes — over 200 combinations in total.
This is a coffee table with highly polished resin top in Crystal Quartz, backed with a tinted mirror.
This version is the pure resin with no added pigment, however there is a ‘tolerance of tones’ set by the raw material manufacturers. Batches can vary slightly (some bluish or pinkish). We always supply each multiple piece order with the same resin batch number.
Resin, on a black, brass, or nickel plated base.
The item is manufactured to order, the lead time is currently 14-16 weeks.
Select stock available for immediate shipping.


from £2,448

Lead time:

14-16 weeks

Limited edition:

Open Edition

Year of design:



Crystal Quartz

Dimensions: Show inches

McB 60103L / 35 Ø x 39cm H (4 legs)
McB 60103 / 35 Ø x 59cm H (4 legs)
McB 60101 / 45 Ø x 47cm H (5 legs)
McB 60102 / 63 Ø x 39cm H (5 legs)
McB 60104 / 70 Ø x 50cm H (5 legs)
McB 60105 / 76 Ø x 45cm H (5 legs)

McB 60103L / 13.75 Ø x 15.5 H inches (4 legs)
McB 60103 / 13.75 Ø x 23.25 H inches (4 legs)
McB 60101 / 17.75 Ø x 18.5 H inches (5 legs)
McB 60102 / 23.75 Ø x 15.5 H inches (5 legs)
McB 60104 / 25.5 Ø x 19.75 H inches (5 legs)
McB 60105 / 30 Ø x 17.75 H inches (5 legs)



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