In keeping with the principles of slow design, McCollin Bryan usually manufacture their popular Lens Tables to order which takes up to 16 weeks. Not only does it reduce waste and overproduction, but it also allows to customise designs with over 200 combinations of sizes, base materials and tabletop colours. For those who cannot wait, we have a small number of experimental items available for immediate shipping.
This is our signature Lens Table in a special blueish green shade which cannot be replicated – we call it Fougère and it’s available for immediate shipping.
Coffee table with a highly polished resin top, backed with a tinted mirror on a black frame.
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McB 60103/T/L
35 Ø x 39 H




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McB 60103L / 35 Ø x 39cm H (4 legs)

McB 60103L / 13.75 Ø x 15.5 H inches (4 legs)


7 kg

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