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McCollin Bryan mix strong forms and traditional techniques with new combinations of materials. Blurring the lines between furniture & sculpture, the pieces play with contrasts & opposites: heavy but floating; organic surfaces with geometric forms; negative & positive spaces. Using transparent resins and plasters, the work continues to exploit the inherent qualities of materials, creating pieces that have purity and beauty.
The multi-tonal effects created by the rich hues in the Lunar table top suggest it is lit from within. The depth of colour gives the impression of looking upon something precious and otherworldly.
The Lunar table is hand cast in our London studio. The colour and reflective qualities are intensified by the gilded internal dome. The legs can be ordered in black or patinated bronze.
Occasional table with a circular resin top cast in midnight blue resin, with an internal dome.
Limited edition of 20.
Resin, black steel or bronze legs with light patina


from £3,360

Limited edition:


Year of design:



Midnight Blue

Dimensions: Show inches

McB 60203L/20 / 35 Ø x 39cm H
McB 60203/20 / 35 Ø x 59cm H
McB 60201/20 / 45 Ø x 47cm H
McB 60202/20 / 63 Ø x 39cm H
McB 60204/20 / 70 Ø x 50cm H
McB 60205/20 / 76 Ø x 45cm H

McB 60203L/20 / 13.75 Ø x 15.5 H inches
McB 60203/20 / 13.75 Ø x 23.25 H inches
McB 60201/20 / 17.75 Ø x 18.5 H inches
McB 60202/20 / 23.75 Ø x 15.5 H inches
McB 60204/20 / 25.5 Ø x 19.75 H inches
McB 60205/20 / 30 Ø x 17.75 H inches

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