• Pendulum mirror on a heavy chain to simulate swinging. frame comes in black or gold and in 5 sizes

The Pendulum mirror, swinging on the wall, suspended in time, as if caught in motion. This sweet spot at the moment of suspension, when a pendulum has reached its apex and is ready to re track its journey is one that we capture and gives a certain beautiful energy to these mirror.
It is an intriguing solo piece, or an eye-catching grouping.
Circular mirror swinging from a heavy decorative chain can be mounted in various positions.
Standard chain length is 85 cm, but it can be made any length to order.
Brass, mirror, with black frame.


from £2,424

Lead time:

10-12 weeks

Limited edition:

Open edition

Year of design:



Black or Brass

Dimensions: Show inches

McB 90104 / 65 Ø x 5cm D
McB 90102 / 95 Ø x 5cm D
McB 90103 / 110 Ø x 5cm D
McB 90101 / 130 Ø x 5cm D
McB 90105 / 150 Ø x 5cm D

McB 90104 / 25.5 Ø x 2 D inches
McB 90102 / 37.5 Ø x 2 D inches
McB 90103 / 43.25 Ø x 2 D inches
McB 90101 / 51.25 Ø x 2 D inches
McB 90105 / 59 Ø x 2 D inches


31— 76 kg

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