What is Scagliola

Scagliola (pronounced “scal-y-oh-lah”) is a centuries-old technique for creating surfaces that mimic fine marble and other noble materials.
This decorative man-made plaster was known since Roman times and became popular in the 18th century. It can be used for sculpture, walls, columns, floors, fireplaces, table tops, bespoke furniture, and even ceilings — because it is lighter than marble. It also feels warmer when touched, but otherwise it may be visually mistaken for semi-precious stone.
Scagliola was never only used as an economical alternative to replace luxurious materials, or because this composite substance works on large scale without any joints or defects.
It has emerged as a self-sufficient art, with masterpieces highly appreciated, that’s why we never call it fake, imitation, faux, or even cultured or cast marble: we say it’s our imaginary marble.