Mirage Mirror

The subtle convexity of the Mirage Mirror creates an optical illusion designed to captivate. Fronted with a tinted Perspex bubble, the shapes and shadows reflected on the mirror’s surface inspire an ethereal impression of a world beyond the ordinary.
The Mirage mirror was launched at Paris Design Week in Galerie Joseph, represents an idea McCollin Bryan have played with for many years “reflections of ourselves and our surroundings”.
Oval or round mirror produced in clear or tinted colour can be hung horizontally or vertically.
Limited edition of 50.
Acrylic, mirror, with black or brass frame.

Pendulum Mirror

The Pendulum mirror, swinging on the wall, suspended in time, as if caught in motion. This sweet spot at the moment of suspension, when a pendulum has reached its apex and is ready to re track its journey is one that we capture and gives a certain beautiful energy to these mirror.
It is an intriguing solo piece, or an eye-catching grouping.
Circular mirror swinging from a heavy decorative chain can be mounted in various positions.
Standard chain length is 85 cm, but it can be made any length to order.
Brass, mirror, with black frame.