Set 3 Apollo Resin Bowls


Apollo Bowls McB 908/100

Available for immediate shipping

Composition of three bowls – limited edition of 100 sets

Resin with semisphere bowls in the top

Please contact McCollin Bryan for further information


Abyssus 3

Small side table or seat cast in multi-coloured resin with highly polished surface

Edition of 20

Gilt, resin


Coffee table with a circular resin top cast in midnight blue resin, with an internal dome

Edition of 20

Resin, black steel or bronze legs with light patina

Aurora Four Panel Screen

Subtle hues of coloured resin, set into a brass or black frame

Edition of 8

Brass frame engineered by Brian Podschies, Studio Source, Luxé, France

Aurora Fraxile

Cast resin oval set into a metal frame.

Midnight blue and clear, fraxile oval set into a black frame

Limited series of 25


Leaning bowls

Edition of 100 sets

Resin with semisphere bowls in the top

Select stock available for immediate shipping. Please see Studio Stock for more information

Anvil console table cast in black and white scagliola and can be arranged in two ways. With patinated brass edging.


Sculptural console table cast in two parts

Edition of 8

Scagliola, brass, wood

highly polished resin cast plinth illuminated by LED lights inside the textured core


Illuminated column cast in clear resin

Edition of 20

LED lights, resin, concealed black base


Coffee table cast in clear resin with gilded pattern on interior surface

Edition of 20

Gilt, resin


Asymmetric sculptural console composed of three elements which can be arranged in different combinations

Edition of 12 for each design

Scagliola, steel, on patinated copper legs


Specially designed for ‘Promenade Design Saanen-Gstaad – 2011’, can be used as a table or a stool

Edition (or herd) of 20

Scagliola, wood, on lacquered beech legs


Faceted console table cast in one piece of scagliola  Pictured with Crystalation

Edition of 5

Scagliola, wood

Aurora Screen

Oval resin discs mounted in solid, asymmetric brass structure

Resin and brass