Coffee Bean Table Cement

McCollin Bryan first launched the Coffee Bean table in 2002 and it has continued to be one of their bestselling designs worldwide. Each coffee table is made from a hard plaster in the Italian method of scagliola. It is finished by hand and pigmented individually resulting in their unique appearance.
Round coffee table.
Scagliola, wood.
Onto castors or fixed feet.
Other colour options: Coral, Peat, Black, Mole, Charcoal.

Due to its sensitive nature, scagliola it not appropriate for the exterior use or wet areas, but the special epoxy resin version is suitable for both indoor and outdoor.

We value time, exceptionality and perfection, which is why, in keeping with the principles of slow design, we usually manufacture to order (this reduces waste and overproduction as well). Sometimes, occasionally, a small number of limited and experimental items become available for for immediate shipping.
Please see Studio Stock for more details.

Minty Table

McCollin Bryan’s Minty Table is now made using bio-based resin formulated with renewable raw materials, incorporated with a resin by-product from their Lens tables to be mindful of the circular economy. It carries the same design impact as its predecessor in Scagliola plaster but is suitable for outdoor use due to the naturally hard-wearing properties of the materials.
The bio-based resin used in this piece is certified by the USDA BioPreferred Programme for reducing the environmental impact caused by petroleum-based resins, and the manufacturers are committed to participating in the “1% for the Planet” initiative, donating 1% of gross sales to environmental causes.
Symmetric version of our oval coffee table.
Bio-based resin, wood, onto dome feet.